Effective and Ecological


Effective and Ecological


Unique product,
that has no analogues among other fertilizers

PLANTFEED fertilizer increases the level of humus and restores soil fertility, activates effective microorganisms, improves the soil structure and increases its water capacity. This fertilizer also improves the agricultural crops resilience and increases yields to 74% (in direct action), up to 23% (in aftereffect).


Does not contain
synthetic additives

European equipment makes it possible to produce high quality fertilizers in accordance with international standards.


is an eco-friendly fertilizer made from natural components: organics + minerals of natural origin.

PlantFeed Granular Fertilizer Manufacturing Technology

The process of manufacturing PlantFeed Granulated Fertilizer begins with the delivery of dung through the conveyor to the storage bin of the drying section.

After the storage bin, the raw material enters the dispenser and is evenly distributed over the conveyor mesh. After the drying section the moisture level of raw materials is 14-16%.

After the drying section, the raw material is fed into the receiver and moves to the thrashing mill, where it is reduced to required size.

After shattering, raw material moves through the conveyor to the granulating bin, then - into the bin dispenser, where it is loosened and fed into the press granulator.

The press granulator operates on the principle of roller pressing and pushes the raw material into the filaments of the rotating matrix. At the exit of the matrix raw material is cut with special knives on granules sized 5-6 mm.

After the pelleting process is completed, the granules made from chicken dung are fed into the cooler. The granules are purified in an aspiration system, where non-standard granules are sorted out and sent to re-granulation.

During the pressing process, the granules are heated to a high temperature, eliminating any harmful microorganisms, eggs of worms and weed seeds in PlantFeed fertilizer.


The cooled finished granules are fed to dispenser for unloading.