Shocking statistics

In Ukraine, the land is leased by 78% of the owners of shares. This is with reference to a study conducted by GfK under the order of the program “Support to transparent land management in Ukraine”, said Denis Nizalov, Program Manager, World Bank Consultant on Land Issues, writes Economic Pravda.
According to GfK, more than half of the share holders – 52.1% – agree that the moratorium deprives them of their share of income as they receive a lower rental fee for their units. However, 50.8% believe that through the moratorium, agricultural holdings have the opportunity to get more and more land under control, and the number of farmers is declining. Also, according to the study, land reform is not the biggest problem of Ukrainians. Only 11.4% of citizens believe that it will affect their welfare. For comparison: medical reform is considered to be the key to the quality of life of 67.3% of people, and pension – 51.1%.
This means that the majority of opponents of the land reform think about it exclusively hypothetically, not assuming that implementation or lack of reform will affect the quality of their lives. Although there are areas whose reform Ukrainians consider even less important: privatization (11.3%) and judicial reform (10.7%). At the same time, 20% of citizens believe that lifting the moratorium will have a major impact on the economic development of Ukraine (privatization – 15.5%, decentralization – 20.7%, education reform – 27.9%, fight against corruption – 59.2% %)