Growing plantain 12 times more profitable than wheat

Plantain – one of the most unpretentious plants, resistant to low temperatures and drought. Therefore, its cultivation can be quite profitable business for farmers of the southern regions, because the profit from this plant is more than from wheat 12 times.
Plantain adapts well to different lighting conditions, unpretentious to soil fertility, grows well on compacted, poor, calcareous, saline, acidic, sandy soils. Not afraid of trampling. There are resistant to low temperatures and most importantly, to drought. That is why it is suitable for the southern regions.
The main producers of this culture today are India and China. Plantain is used in food, feed and medicinal purposes. It is much cheaper to grow medicinal plants than to grow wheat, rye or rape. Because from the same area you can get a big profit. For example, an average of one kilogram of dried medicinal plants will cost $ 3, and wheat – just 25 cents. Plantain plantations can be used from 3 to 5 years./Аgronews/