Expects a significant rise in price of potatoes and cereals

Potatoes are projected to increase in price by 20-30% this year.
In 2019, in Ukraine, some social food products will rise in price. According to experts, the total price of potatoes and cereals.
If inflation this year is about 9%, as predicted, potatoes will rise in price by 20-30%. Vegetables will not go up, because there is no place, they have already increased very much in price in December. For grains – they will rise in price by 15-18%. We are talking about those cereals, which today cost from 8 to 10 UAH. This – semolina, barley, yachka.
Not essential, but black bread will rise in price.
However, more expensive fish and seafood. Domestic prices for the product almost caught up with import. /Agronews /