PlantFeed is environmentally friendly fertilizer without unpleasant odor, non-toxic.

Among the main advantages:

it is a natural product rich in nutrients;

fertilizer increases the level of humus in the soil;

is a source of nutrition and a substrate for the development of effective microorganisms;

activates processes of fixation of nitrogen of air by microorganisms, mobilization of phosphates, potassium and microelements of soil and fertilizers;

is able not only to improve the structure of soils, but also to reduce the use of traditional mineral fertilizers;

granulation at high temperatures eliminates the presence of harmful microorganisms;

provides an organic mass, which serves as a moisture accumulator for the soil;

improves physical and physical-chemical properties of the soil;

small size of granules - 5-6 mm allows to disseminate the product by spreader of mineral fertilizers or a seed drill;

convenient packing: embankment, big-bag, bag;

democratic price.


Comparative characteristics of conventional fertilizer and PlantFeed